take me out to the ballgame.

being stuck inside a plastic manufacturing facility snooping around 600* plastic for my final co-op through northeastern was definitely taking away a huge chunk of my time off. i worked one month more than I needed to because i really just needed the cash. but i finally got a reprive in the middle of july when the sweet boys all arranged their schedules to make it to a baseball game. and not just any baseball game. my new york yankees. <3. yes, they may not be doing so hot right now, but i’ll love ’em always. unfortunately, kate couldn’t make it because she had to work..but she was definitely missed.

on july 19th, i got to pile in the car with all the boys and head down to the game. their fabulous cousin nicole knows a guy that can get really good seats. she obviously wasn’t kidding…but i’ll get to that.

after getting off to a crazy late start, we all got in colin’s car and headed down to the bronx. unfortunately, no one knew how much traffic there would be. but we did get there (finally). here’s bill really enjoying that crazy huge mug he’s got in front of yankee stadium.

so  with limited time to spare, we all just needed to hurry up and get everything set up to grill. we brought some asparagus, veggie burgers (for me), and of course – beef. here are the boys testing the asparagus to make sure it’s cooked all the way. it was sooo good.

here’s ethan pre-hamburger. it was pretty awesome up there. i wish we would have gotten there a little earlier.

and here’s colin and i just happy to be hanging out. look at how ridiculously decked out i am in yankees gear. that’s what happens when you work in a place where everyone you talk to is a red sox fan (or at least it feels that way). who works in NY and is a red sox fan? why did they all migrate? yuck. on a side note, ethan and i actually swapped hats when we got to the game. completely ridiculous.

so then we headed into the game. the start time was at 1:05, but we started heading down at like 1:10. we had to go pick up our tickets at the ticket booth because..again..their cousin “knows a guy”. obviously there was a problem. who just drives to the bronx and assumes that tickets are going to be there waiting for them? so we had to call all these people (one of them was a guy named stacy) so we could get in. there was some concern that..you know..we drove to the bronx for nothing. but everything worked out! stacy came through with our tickets and we could finally get in. hot.

once we got in, we had some issues finding our seat. after another mini-struggle, we got someone to direct us to them (someone had stolen them, of course). look at how gorgeous the stadium looks. (AND how close we were to the field!!). these were the absolute best seats i had ever gotten. and we paid $20 each to go. that’s it. i’ve paid $20 before and sat in the nosebleed. these were impressive. (thanks, nicole!)
just another shot of how unbelievably close we were to the field. i was just sad that we couldn’t catch any foul balls from where we were sitting. but would i really want to be 10 rows back and have a ball come at me at 100mph? not really. so maybe the net was a good thing.

you know what else is really close when you’re 10 rows away from homeplate? the players. we were so close to the yankee dugout that it was unreal. sure there were other people that were closer…but they paid a hell of a lot more to sit there. so suck on that!! anyway – i obviously took a ton of pictures of all the players. here are some of the highlights.

here’s my buddy a-rod. he got into some trouble with madonna recently. this game was just after the story broke. it was weird to see him standing RIGHT there. yeah, i had a little celebrity awe moment.

you know who that is. derek jeter. weird side note: he actually has a house in greenwood lake, ny – which is right up the road from me. no, i’m not going over his house for potlock dinners and shooting the shit with him, but i thought it was cool. ahhh derek.

and finally, you may know this guy from some random controversey that about some nonsense steroids. i feel bad for the guy. just say you did it. i’m a huge fan, but when the court has delivery slips for steriods that were sent to your house that you signed for – the jig is up. in any event, he was sporting a pretty over-the-top porn star moustache. too bad i only got his backside.. voila. jason giambi.

so…beyond just seeing the players and purchasing $10 beers…i am obviously not a sports commontator. i can’t tell you every detail of the game from july 19th..especially since it’s august 8th. however – i will tell you that the yankees tied it up in the bottom of the 9th to 3-3 (which was incredible) and we went into overtime. it went through a few innings where nothing really happened and there was a lot of “almosts”. but in the 12th inning, the bases were loaded, and the pitcher for the oakland a’s decided to mess up and walk whoever was on base. hence: the yankees won 4-3. that’s it in a nutshell. isn’t that impressive after all the beer i drank that day?

but what really made the day special was that i was able to spend it with colin and ethan and bill. here’s colin and i during the first few innings. notice that ethan and i switched hats for no reason what-so-ever.

there’s the whole crew. colin was obviously really engrossed in the game, so he couldn’t look over for the picture. but i think it’s a good shot. i have to give bill credit for holding the camera and getting that shot. it’s like he’s done that before….hmm…..

and here is what i would assume is a very touching tradition where this old gentleman walks around with a pot and an old spoon and has kids hit on the pan for good luck. he also drew a shamrock on there – just in case. i really just thought it was such a NY thing. and by NY, i mean completely crazy – but loved for it. we really embrace the crazy. and hey…they did win that day.

it was an amazing game, and it was probably the last one i’ll go to before we move to the new stadium. so during the game (inbetween innings and beer runs), we all had to do the standard shot sitting near the field. i was the only girl, but i held my own.

here are the sweet brothers that were nice enough to let me tag along. if you don’t know, it’s (from the left to right) colin, bill, and then ethan – who looked really freaked out/haunted/concerned/spacey in the picture. i know he was happy to be there, though.

on our way out, colin decided to be adorable and pose in front of yankee stadium. and if you’re thinking, “why in the world is he wearing a nuclear shirt to a yankees game?” – don’t worry. i questioned his judgment as well. but he’s so wonderful and loving it’s incredible…so you have to let some things slip. the nuclear shirt was one of them.

so long yankee stadium. i’ve had a lot of really incredible times there, so i’m sad that it’s going away. but the new one is right next door. i know it’ll never be the same – but the game will never change. i wish i could make it to more of the games. it’s so worth it. so until i can get these 3 to go again (which won’t be for a while) i guess i’ll just have to hold my breath for the playoffs while i’m here in albany (and eventually back in boston). but that’s alright. i’ll make it out next year.

And if i make it there – I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you, New York
New York

(my next mission: get ready to go on a cruise! only a week to go. eek!)



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