congrats, day-day-play-play.

there is no way I can think of to feel more old than to watch your sister (who is 4 years younger) graduate from high school. and without going into the embarrassing details (in case Dayna decides to ever read this) i can still remember my mom explaining to me that I was going to be getting a little sister. i also remember being really pissed. ‘why do you need another one?’ i also remember asking my parents to return her when they brought her home from the hospital. and how pissed i was when she got all the attention. but we both got over it. after a long period of hating each other, we decided that that might be more time consuming than actually getting along. so that’s why i thought i would take the time to congratulate her.

i realize that every time someone graduates high school, it’s a huge deal. people tell you how proud they are of you. but when i graduated, i remember thinking, ‘was there any other option OTHER than graduating?’ why is everyone so proud? but you know what…it’s a lot more than just graduating. it’s the beginning of independence. and growing up. and making decisions. and everything. and it’s the beginning of some really good parties. so again. i always knew my sister would graduate. but i guess i’m just taking the time to applaud her choices (fashion school in NYC) and for sticking with it.

in addition to all this proud, retrospective babble – i obviously took pictures of this glorious day.

here’s my sister at lunch. i took about 100 pictures of her just to annoy her. this is just one of them. then, while we were eating, we found out that the ceremony was going to be inside. she was so pissed. actually, no. double pissed.

here’s my lovely mother. she just bought a new camera that i know is way out of her league. annie leibovitz isn’t even using a camera like this one. here she is trying to figure out how to take a picture of Dayna and I. I finally had to let her use mine.

here’s the shot. aren’t we just night and day? (haha. day.) and no. she’s not adopted.

Fast-forward about 5 hours and we were at her graduation. yes. it was inside. and doesn’t she look so happy to be there? we got front row seats (thanks to colin begging for us to leave an hour before the ceremony started). it was totally worth it to have an unobstructed shot. (by the way, warwick colors are purple and gold. tell me why the gowns are white and purple? and the guys have to wear the purple? no idea…)

there she is. grabbing that diploma like she means it. we also had the coolest moment at the graduation. i was in the front row – so as she walked by, we gave each other such a cool high five. it was the kind that hurt your hand after you do it. it was totally worth it though. the guy next to me tried doing it with his daughter after i had done it and it was definitely not as cool. nice try, guy.

done! doesn’t she look thrilled?

this is her best friend helen, who also happened to graduate. aren’t they precious? they’ve known each other since they were 5.

yeah. i was pretty pumped for her.

still trying to figure out how the camera works. she never got it, by the way. most of the pictures were taken with my camera. oh mom.

congratulations, dayna. now that you’re going to school in NYC, you can house your poor sister after she travels 3 hours from Boston to see you.



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