this past weekend was colin & my three year anniversary. isn’t that ridiculous? three years! and even though we’re crazy busy at work, we booked a trip to montreal to celebrate. unfortunately, we didn’t really plan what we were going to do when we got there. we literally just went. and it was the best vacation. we both had an amazing time. so in an effort not to post all my pictures (163 pictures), i’m going to try to sum up the entire 3 days into 10 pictures.

this is the sign we saw as we were driving in. i think this was the first indication that we might be over our head. colin & i both took french in high school. i took it for 5 years and managed to obtain a really good accent. he took it for a little longer and managed to take away a really good knowledge of the verbs and vocabulary. so…we figured we could manage if we stuck together. it’s so true.

a liter of beer!

after we got to montreal, we didn’t really have a lot of time to explore because it was time for dinner! we went to Les 3 Brassuers. it kind of felt like a very french TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays, etc. but all the menus were in french. but one thing we COULD read was that they had a liter of fresh brewed beer from in house for only $8. that’s 3 beers! it was friggin delicious.


art + buildings = whoa.

not knowing where to start (and only a tiny 7 page guide to tell us some key places to hit) we just started walking. this was one of the first buildings we came across. even though the tour book we bought said that it was a beautiful place to visit at night, i thought that the sunrise on it (we got up EARLY!) was just as beautiful. i’ve never seen anything like it. and it wasn’t even anything really special. it just has some shops on the inside. it was also one of the entrances to the underground city (which was also pretty cool).

notre dame

our next stop was to walk to Vieux Montreal (Old Montreal) and check out all the old churches. I had no idea how many churches there were in Montreal. We saw so many that I can’t even remember them all. This is the most beautiful one (on the outside) that we saw. unfortunately, we didn’t get to go inside because they were charging $5 a head! i took lots of pictures of the outside. this was one of the better ones. it was only about 12:00 at this point, so we got to hear all the bells to sound off the afternoon. beautiful.


i can’t even remember what church we were in when i took this picture, but i was so utterly impressed with how beautiful this window was and how well it’s stood the test of time. a lot of these churches were built hundreds of years ago. so while i can’t say if this window was touched up at all, it’s still there. and it was most likely there in some capacity when the church was built. it’s just so stunning that it seems hard to take it all in.


i do not pretend that i am any good at photography just because i have a camera. i don’t think anyone should. but i took this picture and i thought it came out really well. again – i couldn’t tell you what church i took this in. towards the end of the day, i just stopped paying attention. i was just trying to take in as much as i possibly could. and along the way, tried to be moderately artistic.


as we were walking, we tried to sample all the food we could. and not just things that we could find anywhere. we really wanted to try something new. like – did you know that canadians (and apparently the french) put mayo on their french fries? it sounds really strange, but it’s actually really delicious. anyway – here’s a picture of some fabulous looking pastries. it was somewhere in Vieux Montreal. in the end, we just ended up with a fruit cup (i’m not much for chocolate & sweets). c’est la vie.

tranny show!

towards the middle/end of our journey around all of Montreal, we stumbled upon some fabulous trannies. they were putting on a show in the middle of one of the parks and we stopped to watch. now. i know for a fact that colin would rather have his toes cut off than to watch transexuals stomp across a stage. but he was supportive and stayed to watch. they were all pretty funny. we didn’t stay too long. just long enough to see the one in the blond wig dry hump the femme in the green dress. so worth it.

je t\'aime

after leaving the trannie show, we were exhausted. i think by this point we had been walking around for about 9 hours straight. i wasn’t wearing shoes with any sort of support – so my legs were actually killing me. i was limping. colin was also a little worse for the wear. so we stopped at yet another church to just sit on the steps. after about 20 minutes, we were able to get up and start walking again. once we started walking, i noticed this sign on the side of the church. for those that don’t know (but should) je t’aime means “i love you”. it was so simple. but it summed up out entire trip. simple, uncomplicated, and perfect.

all smiles with my new ring.

we walked around for what felt like forever. we were both literally limping by the time we got to our restaurant for dinner. it was this little cafe whose name escapes me at the moment. le nouveu monde cafe? it was something like that. they had the greatest food i had ever had. it was so delicious that i still think about that meal. everything was so perfect. this was a picture of me after colin gave me a ring for our anniversary. no, it’s not on my left hand – so don’t get excited. i’m only 21! people really want to rush that. but anyway. it’s beautiful. and it’s exactly what i wanted.


here’s colin at dinner. i didn’t include too many pictures of the two of us in my attempt to show my montreal trip in 10 pictures. as it turns out, i may need about 12 to tell the full story. but i defintely wanted just one to show how adorable he is. this was taken right after he gave me the ring. he was so incredibly nervous right before he gave it to me. i’m glad he was able to relax afterwards. we were both exhausted. isn’t he so cute? i just really love him.


and of course, what is any post/blog/facebook/myspace without a colaurin kissing picture? this was in the middle of the day (after only about 5 hours of walking). i’m wearing the pearl necklace he got me for our 2 year anniversary. when i asked him why he got me a pearl, he told me it was because he thought i deserved something as classy as i was. maybe he didn’t use those exact words. but he was genuine, as always. we’re kissing in front of a statue in Vieux Montreal (i think). Montreal really has some sort of love affair with old churches and statues. Me? i have a love affair with colin sweet. and i don’t that will ever change.

happy three years.
i love you (<3.)



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