stuff white people [and i] like.

not long ago, i managed to stumble across a blog about stuff that ‘white people’ like. since it definitely didn’t sound at ALL politically correct, i obviously looked through it. surprisingly enough, a good chunk of it is weirdly true. go check it out. i only highlighted some of the posts that really apply to me, personally. how sad is it to be unique just like everyone else?

#13 Tea.
Who doesn’t love tea? I recently gave up coffee, so I had to move to some form of caffeine. after the first week, i was ready to go back to coffee. it’s hot water with very little flavor. but given some more time, i actually started to love it. and now i have a cup every morning. and of course, i’m all about trying different kinds…much like the blog points out.

#5 Farmer’s Markets.
this is coupled very closely with my love of #6 in this entirely accurate blog. Organic Food (#6). i personally think it’s because i’m from warwick, ny. we LOVE a good farmer’s market. hell, part of the town is a farm. and the other part is engulfed with yuppie coffee drinking intellectuals that know way more than you do (or at least they think they do). but i have to say that part of it involves my newfound love of vegetables. growing up, i didn’t eat a lot of vegetables. corn, potatoes, carrots, and broccoli were sort of the only vegetables i saw. maybe some lettace. so now i guess i try to support local farmers and buy organic delicious food in response to my childhood.

#15 Yoga.
with the availability of gym classes through northeastern, it’s hard not to take advantage of yoga. i tried it for the first time two years ago and i love it. yeah, it’s popular. and maybe it’s true that ‘white people’ love it. but it’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is. it’s more aerobic than a lot of things, actually. so while it may be super trendy, i fully support it.

#32 Vegan/Vegetarianism.
last year, i would have never included this one in my list. but as of january, i decided to give vegetarianism a shot. well, to be clear – i gave being VEGAN a shot. that was really tough. the whole month of january, i struggled not to eat dairy food products, honey (yes. honey.), sugar, and anything processed. at the end of the month, i bought myself some cheddar and called it a day. as of today, i am what i consider a vegetarian. i still eat fish. so i suppose i am not a technical vegetarian. i’m sure there’s another name for it. but i do NOT eat (and have no eatten): chicken, pork, beef, duck, turkey, etc. this is due, in part, to my dear mother.  she never really cooked meat very well, so i never really grew to love it. and actually, i haven’t eatten beef for a long time. so cutting the rest out wasn’t too difficult. but you’d be amazed how many things have chicken in them. in any event, i am trying it out for a while – and colin’s been very supportive. that won’t last forever, but i’ll take advantage of it for the time being.

#40 Apple Products.
similar to the last one, i would not have written this on my list about a year ago. but i am now a member. i bought a macbook to replace my very old, very tired HP “lap”top. i’m getting used to an entirely new operating system, and i still haven’t found everything. but i have to say – i love it. it’s so much more intuitive than a PC. it also doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty sexy.

#48 Whole Foods (and Grocery Co-ops).
although i never knew what a whole foods was before moving to boston, i’m sad to say that i am now dependent on them and other grocery co-ops such as trader joes. there’s such interesting stuff that you’d never find unless you were in the health food section of a “normal” grocery store. unfortunately for me, the albany/capitol region does not have such things. hence, i’m really excited to move back to a place that has these wonderful things.

#102 Children’s Games as Adults.
i worked at hasbro on co-op. it’s almost impossible to not like toys/games. and i am guilty of loving to play a game of risk, candyland, monopoly, life, or really any game that involves being 12. i think i always will.

#99 Grammar.
i have often mentally called myself out for critisizing other people’s grammar/spelling. i know that mine’s not perfect. but i cannot understand the blatent disregard for the difference between: their and there & your and you’re. and yes, there is a difference. but each time i mentally judge someone for getting it wrong, i also feel like an asshole. so i step down off my soapbox and try to accept everyone’s imperfections. try.

#42 Sushi.
another thing that i just recently got used to. and yet another thing that i now cannot live without. and although i’m still slightly squimish over some menu items, i love to try new things. fish eggs are probably about the farthest i’ll go.

#64 Recycling.
something else i picked up while living in boston. but now that i’ve been doing it, it boggles my mind that people throw away recyclable stuff. it could be that i’ve watched too many discovery channel shows about landfills. and i’ve probably seen that image of a huge pile of garbage with seagulls all over the place. but i feel compelled to recycle. and i have to admit that i HAVE pulled recyclable things out of the garbage to recycle them. (but only from my previous residence – not from anywhere public. ew.) so yes. i totally buy into the whole “save the world for our children” thing. but you should too. so recycle, jerk.

#49 Vintage.
there is a limit to my love of vintage items. it extends out to things like clothes, signs, and maybe SOME household stuff. but anything that’s truly old (and should be found in the garbage) is not something i can appreciate. that being said, what girl doesn’t love to mull around an old vintage clothing shop looking for a dress from when your mom was a teenager. styles repeat themselves every few decades. so buying a poodle skirt (minus the poodle) from the 50’s for $20 is something that everyone can appreciate. well. maybe not everyone.

#19 Traveling.
because i just came back from montreal, i have to include this one. i’m going to try to post some pictures later from my fabulous trip where i was fully reminded how little french i remember from high school. later this year (august) i’ll be heading to bermuda, st. thomas, puerto rico, and the grand turk islands on a fabulous cruise with some fabulous ladies. and to top it all off, i am one of the millions of college students that would love to visit europe. whether or not i make it there is an entirely different story. but for me, travelling is a yes.

that’s only some of the completely ridiculous (yet scarily true) posts from the site. check it out. you too may actually love things like barack obama, netflix, irony, and snowboarding. this blog just points it out.



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