take me out to the ballgame.

being stuck inside a plastic manufacturing facility snooping around 600* plastic for my final co-op through northeastern was definitely taking away a huge chunk of my time off. i worked one month more than I needed to because i really just needed the cash. but i finally got a reprive in the middle of july when the sweet boys all arranged their schedules to make it to a baseball game. and not just any baseball game. my new york yankees. <3. yes, they may not be doing so hot right now, but i’ll love ’em always. unfortunately, kate couldn’t make it because she had to work..but she was definitely missed.

on july 19th, i got to pile in the car with all the boys and head down to the game. their fabulous cousin nicole knows a guy that can get really good seats. she obviously wasn’t kidding…but i’ll get to that.

after getting off to a crazy late start, we all got in colin’s car and headed down to the bronx. unfortunately, no one knew how much traffic there would be. but we did get there (finally). here’s bill really enjoying that crazy huge mug he’s got in front of yankee stadium.

so  with limited time to spare, we all just needed to hurry up and get everything set up to grill. we brought some asparagus, veggie burgers (for me), and of course – beef. here are the boys testing the asparagus to make sure it’s cooked all the way. it was sooo good.

here’s ethan pre-hamburger. it was pretty awesome up there. i wish we would have gotten there a little earlier.

and here’s colin and i just happy to be hanging out. look at how ridiculously decked out i am in yankees gear. that’s what happens when you work in a place where everyone you talk to is a red sox fan (or at least it feels that way). who works in NY and is a red sox fan? why did they all migrate? yuck. on a side note, ethan and i actually swapped hats when we got to the game. completely ridiculous.

so then we headed into the game. the start time was at 1:05, but we started heading down at like 1:10. we had to go pick up our tickets at the ticket booth because..again..their cousin “knows a guy”. obviously there was a problem. who just drives to the bronx and assumes that tickets are going to be there waiting for them? so we had to call all these people (one of them was a guy named stacy) so we could get in. there was some concern that..you know..we drove to the bronx for nothing. but everything worked out! stacy came through with our tickets and we could finally get in. hot.

once we got in, we had some issues finding our seat. after another mini-struggle, we got someone to direct us to them (someone had stolen them, of course). look at how gorgeous the stadium looks. (AND how close we were to the field!!). these were the absolute best seats i had ever gotten. and we paid $20 each to go. that’s it. i’ve paid $20 before and sat in the nosebleed. these were impressive. (thanks, nicole!)
just another shot of how unbelievably close we were to the field. i was just sad that we couldn’t catch any foul balls from where we were sitting. but would i really want to be 10 rows back and have a ball come at me at 100mph? not really. so maybe the net was a good thing.

you know what else is really close when you’re 10 rows away from homeplate? the players. we were so close to the yankee dugout that it was unreal. sure there were other people that were closer…but they paid a hell of a lot more to sit there. so suck on that!! anyway – i obviously took a ton of pictures of all the players. here are some of the highlights.

here’s my buddy a-rod. he got into some trouble with madonna recently. this game was just after the story broke. it was weird to see him standing RIGHT there. yeah, i had a little celebrity awe moment.

you know who that is. derek jeter. weird side note: he actually has a house in greenwood lake, ny – which is right up the road from me. no, i’m not going over his house for potlock dinners and shooting the shit with him, but i thought it was cool. ahhh derek.

and finally, you may know this guy from some random controversey that about some nonsense steroids. i feel bad for the guy. just say you did it. i’m a huge fan, but when the court has delivery slips for steriods that were sent to your house that you signed for – the jig is up. in any event, he was sporting a pretty over-the-top porn star moustache. too bad i only got his backside.. voila. jason giambi.

so…beyond just seeing the players and purchasing $10 beers…i am obviously not a sports commontator. i can’t tell you every detail of the game from july 19th..especially since it’s august 8th. however – i will tell you that the yankees tied it up in the bottom of the 9th to 3-3 (which was incredible) and we went into overtime. it went through a few innings where nothing really happened and there was a lot of “almosts”. but in the 12th inning, the bases were loaded, and the pitcher for the oakland a’s decided to mess up and walk whoever was on base. hence: the yankees won 4-3. that’s it in a nutshell. isn’t that impressive after all the beer i drank that day?

but what really made the day special was that i was able to spend it with colin and ethan and bill. here’s colin and i during the first few innings. notice that ethan and i switched hats for no reason what-so-ever.

there’s the whole crew. colin was obviously really engrossed in the game, so he couldn’t look over for the picture. but i think it’s a good shot. i have to give bill credit for holding the camera and getting that shot. it’s like he’s done that before….hmm…..

and here is what i would assume is a very touching tradition where this old gentleman walks around with a pot and an old spoon and has kids hit on the pan for good luck. he also drew a shamrock on there – just in case. i really just thought it was such a NY thing. and by NY, i mean completely crazy – but loved for it. we really embrace the crazy. and hey…they did win that day.

it was an amazing game, and it was probably the last one i’ll go to before we move to the new stadium. so during the game (inbetween innings and beer runs), we all had to do the standard shot sitting near the field. i was the only girl, but i held my own.

here are the sweet brothers that were nice enough to let me tag along. if you don’t know, it’s (from the left to right) colin, bill, and then ethan – who looked really freaked out/haunted/concerned/spacey in the picture. i know he was happy to be there, though.

on our way out, colin decided to be adorable and pose in front of yankee stadium. and if you’re thinking, “why in the world is he wearing a nuclear shirt to a yankees game?” – don’t worry. i questioned his judgment as well. but he’s so wonderful and loving it’s incredible…so you have to let some things slip. the nuclear shirt was one of them.

so long yankee stadium. i’ve had a lot of really incredible times there, so i’m sad that it’s going away. but the new one is right next door. i know it’ll never be the same – but the game will never change. i wish i could make it to more of the games. it’s so worth it. so until i can get these 3 to go again (which won’t be for a while) i guess i’ll just have to hold my breath for the playoffs while i’m here in albany (and eventually back in boston). but that’s alright. i’ll make it out next year.

And if i make it there – I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you, New York
New York

(my next mission: get ready to go on a cruise! only a week to go. eek!)



congrats, day-day-play-play.

there is no way I can think of to feel more old than to watch your sister (who is 4 years younger) graduate from high school. and without going into the embarrassing details (in case Dayna decides to ever read this) i can still remember my mom explaining to me that I was going to be getting a little sister. i also remember being really pissed. ‘why do you need another one?’ i also remember asking my parents to return her when they brought her home from the hospital. and how pissed i was when she got all the attention. but we both got over it. after a long period of hating each other, we decided that that might be more time consuming than actually getting along. so that’s why i thought i would take the time to congratulate her.

i realize that every time someone graduates high school, it’s a huge deal. people tell you how proud they are of you. but when i graduated, i remember thinking, ‘was there any other option OTHER than graduating?’ why is everyone so proud? but you know what…it’s a lot more than just graduating. it’s the beginning of independence. and growing up. and making decisions. and everything. and it’s the beginning of some really good parties. so again. i always knew my sister would graduate. but i guess i’m just taking the time to applaud her choices (fashion school in NYC) and for sticking with it.

in addition to all this proud, retrospective babble – i obviously took pictures of this glorious day.

here’s my sister at lunch. i took about 100 pictures of her just to annoy her. this is just one of them. then, while we were eating, we found out that the ceremony was going to be inside. she was so pissed. actually, no. double pissed.

here’s my lovely mother. she just bought a new camera that i know is way out of her league. annie leibovitz isn’t even using a camera like this one. here she is trying to figure out how to take a picture of Dayna and I. I finally had to let her use mine.

here’s the shot. aren’t we just night and day? (haha. day.) and no. she’s not adopted.

Fast-forward about 5 hours and we were at her graduation. yes. it was inside. and doesn’t she look so happy to be there? we got front row seats (thanks to colin begging for us to leave an hour before the ceremony started). it was totally worth it to have an unobstructed shot. (by the way, warwick colors are purple and gold. tell me why the gowns are white and purple? and the guys have to wear the purple? no idea…)

there she is. grabbing that diploma like she means it. we also had the coolest moment at the graduation. i was in the front row – so as she walked by, we gave each other such a cool high five. it was the kind that hurt your hand after you do it. it was totally worth it though. the guy next to me tried doing it with his daughter after i had done it and it was definitely not as cool. nice try, guy.

done! doesn’t she look thrilled?

this is her best friend helen, who also happened to graduate. aren’t they precious? they’ve known each other since they were 5.

yeah. i was pretty pumped for her.

still trying to figure out how the camera works. she never got it, by the way. most of the pictures were taken with my camera. oh mom.

congratulations, dayna. now that you’re going to school in NYC, you can house your poor sister after she travels 3 hours from Boston to see you.




this past weekend was colin & my three year anniversary. isn’t that ridiculous? three years! and even though we’re crazy busy at work, we booked a trip to montreal to celebrate. unfortunately, we didn’t really plan what we were going to do when we got there. we literally just went. and it was the best vacation. we both had an amazing time. so in an effort not to post all my pictures (163 pictures), i’m going to try to sum up the entire 3 days into 10 pictures.

this is the sign we saw as we were driving in. i think this was the first indication that we might be over our head. colin & i both took french in high school. i took it for 5 years and managed to obtain a really good accent. he took it for a little longer and managed to take away a really good knowledge of the verbs and vocabulary. so…we figured we could manage if we stuck together. it’s so true.

a liter of beer!

after we got to montreal, we didn’t really have a lot of time to explore because it was time for dinner! we went to Les 3 Brassuers. it kind of felt like a very french TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays, etc. but all the menus were in french. but one thing we COULD read was that they had a liter of fresh brewed beer from in house for only $8. that’s 3 beers! it was friggin delicious.


art + buildings = whoa.

not knowing where to start (and only a tiny 7 page guide to tell us some key places to hit) we just started walking. this was one of the first buildings we came across. even though the tour book we bought said that it was a beautiful place to visit at night, i thought that the sunrise on it (we got up EARLY!) was just as beautiful. i’ve never seen anything like it. and it wasn’t even anything really special. it just has some shops on the inside. it was also one of the entrances to the underground city (which was also pretty cool).

notre dame

our next stop was to walk to Vieux Montreal (Old Montreal) and check out all the old churches. I had no idea how many churches there were in Montreal. We saw so many that I can’t even remember them all. This is the most beautiful one (on the outside) that we saw. unfortunately, we didn’t get to go inside because they were charging $5 a head! i took lots of pictures of the outside. this was one of the better ones. it was only about 12:00 at this point, so we got to hear all the bells to sound off the afternoon. beautiful.


i can’t even remember what church we were in when i took this picture, but i was so utterly impressed with how beautiful this window was and how well it’s stood the test of time. a lot of these churches were built hundreds of years ago. so while i can’t say if this window was touched up at all, it’s still there. and it was most likely there in some capacity when the church was built. it’s just so stunning that it seems hard to take it all in.


i do not pretend that i am any good at photography just because i have a camera. i don’t think anyone should. but i took this picture and i thought it came out really well. again – i couldn’t tell you what church i took this in. towards the end of the day, i just stopped paying attention. i was just trying to take in as much as i possibly could. and along the way, tried to be moderately artistic.


as we were walking, we tried to sample all the food we could. and not just things that we could find anywhere. we really wanted to try something new. like – did you know that canadians (and apparently the french) put mayo on their french fries? it sounds really strange, but it’s actually really delicious. anyway – here’s a picture of some fabulous looking pastries. it was somewhere in Vieux Montreal. in the end, we just ended up with a fruit cup (i’m not much for chocolate & sweets). c’est la vie.

tranny show!

towards the middle/end of our journey around all of Montreal, we stumbled upon some fabulous trannies. they were putting on a show in the middle of one of the parks and we stopped to watch. now. i know for a fact that colin would rather have his toes cut off than to watch transexuals stomp across a stage. but he was supportive and stayed to watch. they were all pretty funny. we didn’t stay too long. just long enough to see the one in the blond wig dry hump the femme in the green dress. so worth it.

je t\'aime

after leaving the trannie show, we were exhausted. i think by this point we had been walking around for about 9 hours straight. i wasn’t wearing shoes with any sort of support – so my legs were actually killing me. i was limping. colin was also a little worse for the wear. so we stopped at yet another church to just sit on the steps. after about 20 minutes, we were able to get up and start walking again. once we started walking, i noticed this sign on the side of the church. for those that don’t know (but should) je t’aime means “i love you”. it was so simple. but it summed up out entire trip. simple, uncomplicated, and perfect.

all smiles with my new ring.

we walked around for what felt like forever. we were both literally limping by the time we got to our restaurant for dinner. it was this little cafe whose name escapes me at the moment. le nouveu monde cafe? it was something like that. they had the greatest food i had ever had. it was so delicious that i still think about that meal. everything was so perfect. this was a picture of me after colin gave me a ring for our anniversary. no, it’s not on my left hand – so don’t get excited. i’m only 21! people really want to rush that. but anyway. it’s beautiful. and it’s exactly what i wanted.


here’s colin at dinner. i didn’t include too many pictures of the two of us in my attempt to show my montreal trip in 10 pictures. as it turns out, i may need about 12 to tell the full story. but i defintely wanted just one to show how adorable he is. this was taken right after he gave me the ring. he was so incredibly nervous right before he gave it to me. i’m glad he was able to relax afterwards. we were both exhausted. isn’t he so cute? i just really love him.


and of course, what is any post/blog/facebook/myspace without a colaurin kissing picture? this was in the middle of the day (after only about 5 hours of walking). i’m wearing the pearl necklace he got me for our 2 year anniversary. when i asked him why he got me a pearl, he told me it was because he thought i deserved something as classy as i was. maybe he didn’t use those exact words. but he was genuine, as always. we’re kissing in front of a statue in Vieux Montreal (i think). Montreal really has some sort of love affair with old churches and statues. Me? i have a love affair with colin sweet. and i don’t that will ever change.

happy three years.
i love you (<3.)


stuff white people [and i] like.

not long ago, i managed to stumble across a blog about stuff that ‘white people’ like. since it definitely didn’t sound at ALL politically correct, i obviously looked through it. surprisingly enough, a good chunk of it is weirdly true. go check it out. i only highlighted some of the posts that really apply to me, personally. how sad is it to be unique just like everyone else?

#13 Tea.
Who doesn’t love tea? I recently gave up coffee, so I had to move to some form of caffeine. after the first week, i was ready to go back to coffee. it’s hot water with very little flavor. but given some more time, i actually started to love it. and now i have a cup every morning. and of course, i’m all about trying different kinds…much like the blog points out.

#5 Farmer’s Markets.
this is coupled very closely with my love of #6 in this entirely accurate blog. Organic Food (#6). i personally think it’s because i’m from warwick, ny. we LOVE a good farmer’s market. hell, part of the town is a farm. and the other part is engulfed with yuppie coffee drinking intellectuals that know way more than you do (or at least they think they do). but i have to say that part of it involves my newfound love of vegetables. growing up, i didn’t eat a lot of vegetables. corn, potatoes, carrots, and broccoli were sort of the only vegetables i saw. maybe some lettace. so now i guess i try to support local farmers and buy organic delicious food in response to my childhood.

#15 Yoga.
with the availability of gym classes through northeastern, it’s hard not to take advantage of yoga. i tried it for the first time two years ago and i love it. yeah, it’s popular. and maybe it’s true that ‘white people’ love it. but it’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is. it’s more aerobic than a lot of things, actually. so while it may be super trendy, i fully support it.

#32 Vegan/Vegetarianism.
last year, i would have never included this one in my list. but as of january, i decided to give vegetarianism a shot. well, to be clear – i gave being VEGAN a shot. that was really tough. the whole month of january, i struggled not to eat dairy food products, honey (yes. honey.), sugar, and anything processed. at the end of the month, i bought myself some cheddar and called it a day. as of today, i am what i consider a vegetarian. i still eat fish. so i suppose i am not a technical vegetarian. i’m sure there’s another name for it. but i do NOT eat (and have no eatten): chicken, pork, beef, duck, turkey, etc. this is due, in part, to my dear mother.  she never really cooked meat very well, so i never really grew to love it. and actually, i haven’t eatten beef for a long time. so cutting the rest out wasn’t too difficult. but you’d be amazed how many things have chicken in them. in any event, i am trying it out for a while – and colin’s been very supportive. that won’t last forever, but i’ll take advantage of it for the time being.

#40 Apple Products.
similar to the last one, i would not have written this on my list about a year ago. but i am now a member. i bought a macbook to replace my very old, very tired HP “lap”top. i’m getting used to an entirely new operating system, and i still haven’t found everything. but i have to say – i love it. it’s so much more intuitive than a PC. it also doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty sexy.

#48 Whole Foods (and Grocery Co-ops).
although i never knew what a whole foods was before moving to boston, i’m sad to say that i am now dependent on them and other grocery co-ops such as trader joes. there’s such interesting stuff that you’d never find unless you were in the health food section of a “normal” grocery store. unfortunately for me, the albany/capitol region does not have such things. hence, i’m really excited to move back to a place that has these wonderful things.

#102 Children’s Games as Adults.
i worked at hasbro on co-op. it’s almost impossible to not like toys/games. and i am guilty of loving to play a game of risk, candyland, monopoly, life, or really any game that involves being 12. i think i always will.

#99 Grammar.
i have often mentally called myself out for critisizing other people’s grammar/spelling. i know that mine’s not perfect. but i cannot understand the blatent disregard for the difference between: their and there & your and you’re. and yes, there is a difference. but each time i mentally judge someone for getting it wrong, i also feel like an asshole. so i step down off my soapbox and try to accept everyone’s imperfections. try.

#42 Sushi.
another thing that i just recently got used to. and yet another thing that i now cannot live without. and although i’m still slightly squimish over some menu items, i love to try new things. fish eggs are probably about the farthest i’ll go.

#64 Recycling.
something else i picked up while living in boston. but now that i’ve been doing it, it boggles my mind that people throw away recyclable stuff. it could be that i’ve watched too many discovery channel shows about landfills. and i’ve probably seen that image of a huge pile of garbage with seagulls all over the place. but i feel compelled to recycle. and i have to admit that i HAVE pulled recyclable things out of the garbage to recycle them. (but only from my previous residence – not from anywhere public. ew.) so yes. i totally buy into the whole “save the world for our children” thing. but you should too. so recycle, jerk.

#49 Vintage.
there is a limit to my love of vintage items. it extends out to things like clothes, signs, and maybe SOME household stuff. but anything that’s truly old (and should be found in the garbage) is not something i can appreciate. that being said, what girl doesn’t love to mull around an old vintage clothing shop looking for a dress from when your mom was a teenager. styles repeat themselves every few decades. so buying a poodle skirt (minus the poodle) from the 50’s for $20 is something that everyone can appreciate. well. maybe not everyone.

#19 Traveling.
because i just came back from montreal, i have to include this one. i’m going to try to post some pictures later from my fabulous trip where i was fully reminded how little french i remember from high school. later this year (august) i’ll be heading to bermuda, st. thomas, puerto rico, and the grand turk islands on a fabulous cruise with some fabulous ladies. and to top it all off, i am one of the millions of college students that would love to visit europe. whether or not i make it there is an entirely different story. but for me, travelling is a yes.

that’s only some of the completely ridiculous (yet scarily true) posts from the site. check it out. you too may actually love things like barack obama, netflix, irony, and snowboarding. this blog just points it out.



grapevine fires.

The wind picked up, the fire spread
The grapevine singing, left for dead
The northern sky looked like the end of days
The end of days

The wake up call to a rented room
Sounded like an alarm of impending doom
To warn us it’s only a matter of time

Before we all burn
Before we all burn
Before we all burn
Before we all burn

Bought some wine and some paper cups
Near your daughters school and we picked her up
Drove to the cemetary on a hill
On a hill

Watched the bullets paint the sky grey
She laughed and danced through the field of graves
There I knew we’d be alright

Everything will be alright
Will be alright
Will be alright
Will be alright

News reports on the radio said it was getting worse
As the ocean air fanned the flames
But I couldn’t think of anywhere I would’ve rather been
To watch it all burn away

To burn away

The firemen worked in double shifts
With prayers for rain on their lips
They knew it was only a matter of time

Thank you, Death Cab. Thank you for continually being awesome.

Go out and get Narrow Stairs. It’s worth it.